Things I like about my brand new radar detector

Till recently, the main purpose of having a radar detector installed in your vehicle was to detect lasers and radars. But things have changed now, there are more threats your radar needs to detect in the form of red light cameras, speed cameras and photo radars. Therefore, when you buy a radar detector for your car, you need to make sure it is capable of detecting all these threats.


I was a little bit confused about which model to buy when I went to the market to buy a new radar detector. The two contenders were Escort Passport X70 and Escort Redline XR. Both are excellent performers and have very good features. I decided to go with the Escort Redline XR.

The best thing I liked about the Escort Redline XR radar detector is that it has extended detection range compared to other models in the market. The engineers from the Escort team have put their best effort in making this the most powerful radar detector. The two dual front facing antennas give it high sensitivity that is better than even police brands. These antennas are capable of giving you the earliest warning possible.


LED screen of the Escort Redline XR radar detector is very good thus making it easy to view readings. Another advantage of the Escort Redline XR radar detector is that it has good digital voice alerts. I really like this feature as I always like to hear quality voice alerts especially when I am driving in bustling traffic.

Escort Redline XR radar detector can easily detect and filter out false alerts caused by the interfering sensors making it one of the most popular brands available in the market. The auto mute feature is another excellent feature of the Escort Redline XR radar detector. After the initial alert, the system automatically mutes or reduces the volume to the level you have set. This feature allows you to avoid the annoyance caused by full volume alerts that you hear in other models.

A key to any device is that it needs to be user friendly. Escort Redline XR radar detector can be controlled using your fingertips without any difficulty. The ultra bright display makes it easier to see the readings and track radars. In many devices, it is really difficult to read the incoming messages about the radar. But, in the Escort Redline XR radar detector, I don’t face such issues at all.

All the above given features of the Escort Redline XR radar detector makes it my favorite radar detector and I recommend you to buy it if you wish to go for long drives. In my opinion it’s one of the best radar detectors on the market.

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