Why you should replace your mattress every few years

We are very particular about interior of our homes. We regularly replace the living room couches, TV sets, carpets, curtains, paintings and other decorative stuff that adds appeal to our drawing rooms. The focus is on keeping it presentable to our guests and visitors. But how much we care for our bedrooms?


You may say that you regularly replace beds and other upholstery of your bed rooms. Have you ever considered replacing your mattress? If your answer is ‘never’ then tell me have you been suffering from backache or sleepless nights? Now if you are affirmative then read along to understand why you should replace your mattress every few years.

  • A mattress is made up of the spring system, coir, foam, fabric and other stuff that provide it shape and structure. You usually buy a mattress on the basis of the softness, spring count, ease of carrying and therapeutic benefits. Its constituents are supposed to wear out after some time. In this situation a mattress loses its original structure as well as the benefit that you have purchased it for.
  • In such condition a mattress will sag and will not provide the needed support to your back and shoulders while you lie down for a good night’s rest. Your sleeping hours will no longer be comfortable. In case the mattress has deteriorated extremely you may end up waking up exhausted and frustrated. It is definitely going to affect your day and work throughout the day. If this is your present state then immediately get a new mattress and start all over again with a relaxed life.
  • Another reason for replacing a mattress after a few years is that a mattress is not given care and maintenance it requires to keep it fit to use. It too requires regular cleaning, vacuuming and some sunlight. A mattress is heavy to move around so it definitely misses the essential steps of its upkeep.  In absence of such attention it becomes a breeding ground for infections and allergens. So, it is utmost important that you throw away the old dust and germ filled mattress and get a new one matching your current physical state.
  • The mattress manufacturing technology also keeps changing with time so does your body. If earlier you were comfortable on a super soft mattress, now a physician may suggest a therapeutic mattress after your backache complaints. It is best to consult your physician and bring home the suggested mattress even If your mattress is only two or three years old.


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