Why I prefer point and shoot cameras over Smartphone cameras

Smartphones started a kind of revolution all across the globe. People are using this versatile gadget for organizing their contacts and data, entertain themselves, connect with others, let their presence felt in social circles and a lot more. The smartphone is the reason that almost everyone holding it feel like a   photographer may not be a pro but definitely an amateur. I may sound a bit stereotype if I confess that capturing photographs with a smartphone is not my cup of tea. I prefer to use a point and shoot digital camera to preserve my memories.


If you are wondering why I am being so obstinate, I can give you a number of reasons. Beware my views may change your thinking too. Stay with me if you still need to know the reasons

Special Gadget for photography

I deeply agree to the thought that Jack of all trades is master of none. This is completely true about a smartphone, which is basically meant to communicate and organize and may be to play games. It cannot provide all those special settings required to get photographs with a professional touch. You are not able to control the parameters do let your pictures do the talking.

Better Picture quality

I have compared the picture quality offered by many high end Smartphones with some of the very basic point and shoot camera. Every time I concluded that the picture quality given by a camera is far better than that of a smartphone. The reason is the special built-in optics of the camera that makes it a special gadget for photography that lets the photographer deal with interfering external factors while shooting.

Capable of handling variety of factors

To capture awesome images one needs to have complete control over camera’s settings to tackle the restrictions posed by dim light, extreme brightness, shade, distance and movement of objects and subjects. A dedicated point and shoot camera with my choice of lens and aperture gives me all the flexibility I need to create magic in images I shoot. I do not want to be restricted by the features offered by a smartphone. I can experiment only with a camera.

Comes with tripod and timer

A tripod stand I have ordered with my point and Shoot camera gives me ease of shooting. I can take any amount of time to wait for the perfect view before I press button. Its timer gives me the ease of being a part of my favorite shooting spots. If I add that my camera was under $500, I think things are clear.

These are my reasons to stick to my point and Shoot camera for shooting. You can find yours if you are not convinced yet.


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