Finding a GPS units for hiking trips

Are you someone who likes to go for hiking trips? When hiking, it is important to know where you are and track routes correctly. There is no doubt that with the advancing technology, you can have a watch that help you to track your location and find your way. But, if you are particular about a device that is made just for the purpose of finding the location, then you need to go for a handheld GPS unit.


I always believe that a handheld GPS unit is a must have device for emergency situations. When going on a hiking trip, you don’t know when an emergency will arise. During your hiking trips, there may be a number of places where your Smartphone will not have signals or have weak signals. Your watch may not work too. That’s where a handheld GPS unit comes into play.


There are many models in the market. It is not easy to pick the right one from among hundreds of GPS units. When finding the right GPS unit, you need to keep a few points in mind. An important feature of a handheld GPS unit is the screen and button. The touch screen should be easy to use and fast. If you are going for a button enabled model, then, the buttons should be big enough for your fingers.


12Weight is a paramount condition. When you are travelling, you always wish to carry less weight; therefore a GPS unit that weighs less is important. If you are going for a touch screen model GPS, the size of the screen comes into play. The bigger the size, the better it is for you. When you are climbing, you will have less time, therefore you need to have a screen that is big enough to display things clearly.


Battery life is one of the essential features you need to have in your GPS when going for hiking trips. You don’t want your GPS to die after 2 or 3 hours. Your GPS unit must have at least 15 hours of backup. You cannot predict the weather when you are going for hiking; therefore, your GPS must work in all the conditions. So, always buy a waterproof, dust proof GPS unit.


Garmin is the leading manufacturer of GPS units for hiking. Garmin offers both touchscreen and button models that do not cost you much. When I decided to buy a GPS unit for hiking, I went with Garmin E-Trex 30. It has long battery life and offers all the essential features you need to have in a GPS unit.