How to choose a vacuum cleaner that’s easy to use

Cleaning is one of those domestic chores that you cannot overlook even if you want to. You can compromise on your meals, laundry and other routine jobs, but you cannot delay upkeep of your home if you are frequented by guests or have kids at home. There can be countless tools specially meant to do different kind of cleaning jobs. Among them the most helpful and essential is a vacuum cleaner.


If you are not aware of what to look in a convenient vacuum cleaner then you may end up with a tool that is difficult to operate. I won’t wonder that even if after getting a complex vacuum cleaner you still continue to live in a mess. So, it is of utmost importance that you buy an easy to use vacuum cleaner that encourages you to do this thankless chore. Here you go:


  • What is the cleaning space in your home? If you have a spacious home then get a corded and powerful vacuum cleaner to support you in long durations of cleaning. But if you live in a small apartment, with lesser space to clean, get a lightweight and cordless vacuum cleaner. Such a tool can be stored conveniently in a closet.
  • To operate a vacuum cleaner it must be easy to move and carry around in house. Select one that has weight just as heavy as you can carry and maneuver. When you are checking out your options do try to move it around in the showroom. You must be able to do it easily without exerting your back or limbs.
  • A tool that does more work in less time is an easy one. So, get a vacuum cleaner whether corded or cordless that promises excellent suction power. It must also be effective on all kinds of debris like pet hair, deep dust collected in upholstery, in carpets and curtains.
  • Buy a vacuum cleaner that comes with helpful attachments to reach the corners, ceiling, beneath the furniture and window sills without needing you to climb on a stool or a ladder. It must prevent you from bending, kneeling or stretching unnecessarily.
  • Vacuum cleaner is an amazing tool but not magical. I mean the sucked dirt gets collected in a bag or cup that must be cleaned frequently. Just understand whether it is easy to replace the filled dirt bag (in bag vacuum cleaner) or clean a debris collecting cup (in a bag-less vacuum cleaner)

This is my advice to get an easy to operate vacuum cleaner. I hope it gave you some direction. 


P.S. – Professional vacuum cleaner reviews can also prove to be a great source of information about all kinds of models.


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