How to choose a crib for your newborn

To avoid the risks of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), experts recommend that the baby must sleep in the same room as the parents. This brings the picture of baby cribs in our mind. Crib is a special furniture piece in which a newborn spends most of her time. Therefore it is of utmost importance, that the crib you have chosen is not only comfortable but also safe. If you have also been hunting for a perfect crib for your newborn, you are lucky to visit here. This is a quick guide to tell you all those things that you must check for while buying a crib for infants specifically.


Space : Keeping in mind the space of your room, buy a crib that doesn’t block half of your room. The crib must only be large enough to hold the baby comfortably, and not very big, especially if your room is not much spacious.

Stability : Push the crib slightly before purchasing and make sure that it doesn’t tremble or quiver. If it does, just skip it. Look for something sturdy.


Mattress : The mattress must not be thin (thinner than 3-4 inches). You can determine the thickness and density of the mattress by its weight. Heavier the mattress, denser it will be. Also look for a crib that offers adjustable mattress height. This is important because babies grow with passing days, and by the time they start sitting (6-7 month) the lowering of mattress will let you deepen the crib to prevent her from climbing and falling out.

Safety : Do not buy cribs that have drop sides, they can be risky because in case if the drop side detaches accidentally and falls inside (on the baby) she may get injured or suffocate between the mattress and the dropped side.

Do not buy bumpers. Bumpers are the cushioned like padding that are attached to the inside railings of the crib. They may increase the risk of SIDS.

Avoid buying used cribs. If they are old style (manufactured before or around 1974) as they might have not been manufactured according to Federal Crib Safety Standards and are therefore not as safe as modern cribs.


Frame : The side bars of the crib must not be less or more than 23/8 inches apart. This will not allow the baby to stick her head or limbs between bars. Also avoid purchasing cribs with cut outs and other designs to prevent accidental scratches.

These are only some basic tips to keep in focus while you buy a crib, so that the crib you select is not only good looking but also safe and comfortable.

The best baby crib in 2017 should posses all the features mentioned in this article.

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