Camcorders vs. DSLRs – which are the best at recording video

The fight between camcorders and DSLR lovers has been going on for a few years now. Some believe that when it comes to video recording no one can beat camcorders. There are some others who believe DSLR is delivering more quality videos compared to camcorders. What is your take on that?


I am not a professional videographer, but I did have chance to interact with a few professionals on this subject many a times. I am a camcorder fan but I also use the DSLR often mainly because of the reason that it is more convenient to carry and use compared to a camcorder.

Many experts point out choosing the best from the two (camcorder and DSLR) options is more subjective. It depends upon your requirement and how you use the device. The main difference between a camcorder and the DSLR is that, a DSLR has a much higher sensor compared to the camcorder. But, if you want a camcorder with high end sensor, you have to go for expensive, professional models.


When it comes to recording time, DSLR has limitations. You cannot record for hours using a DSLR as they are not basically designed for video recording. But, a camcorder being designed specifically for video recording can be used for hours without any problem.

Autofocus is another feature you need to look at closely.  Even though with the recent developments in technology, DSLR has come a long way with autofocus, they are still struggling a little bit when it comes to focusing on objects that are moving. Serious photographers always pick a follow focus kit, and hence they prefer using high end camcorders.

When it comes to filters, camcorder occupies the top position. Camcorders have “neutral density filter” that are perfectly designed to capture high quality videos. Audio is another factor to consider, and camcorders have a slight advantage over the DSLR if we compare the audio feature. The mic that is inside the camcorder is better than the mic present in a DSLR.


But, if you look at the price factor, DSLR beats camcorders convincingly. You can get a quality DSLR within $100 but if you go for a good camcorder you will have to pay more than $300. So, depending upon your budget and requirement, you need to decide which the best option for you is.

I would suggest a 4k camcorder only if you are a professional or have passion for video recording or movie making. Otherwise it is better to go for DSLR.

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