My advice for installing convertible car seats


Convertible car seats are the ones that can be used for infants as well as toddlers. They can be installed rear-facing as well as front-facing for a long term use. They are long lasting and hence are getting more and more popular among new parents these days. In general, convertible car seats are of three types out of which the five-harness models are considered the safest.

Installing car seats is easy if you have read and understood the manual properly. That is the first and major step. But if you are still facing tiny problems regarding the installation of convertible seats, you will appreciate the facts in this article. Here are some tips regarding installation of convertible car seats. These are nothing but only some useful and easy techniques that we often miss and may lead to complications during installation process.

This is a list of some small yet important pointers that will help you install a convertible car seat easily and smoothly. Take a look –

  • Read the manufacturer’s manual thoroughly. This is one major step and is often skipped by most people. But it is important to read and understand about the seat and its installation by the manufacturer, because different seats have different design.
  • Ensure that the car seat is correctly matched with your child’s weight and height. Check the manufacturer’s label of weight and height.
  • Place the car seat at the back row. If your vehicle has three rows like an SUV or van, then place the car seat in the middle row.
  • Try to place the car seat at the center if possible. If you are not able to fix it tightly at the center then place it at the left or right near the window.
  • Do not mix different methods altogether. If you opt for method one, then follow only that thoroughly and don’t include steps of method two or three in between.
  • Make sure that the car seat doesn’t move more than one inch from side to side or front to back while you tighten it. If required call for another person’s help to push the seat down firmly.
  • As you buckle the baby on the seat, make sure that the straps of the harness are flat at the shoulders.

So, these are some additional tricks to follow in addition to the installation instructions of the manual. I would always recommend following the installation manual and using these tips in case you face some issues.


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