My advice on choosing your next blow dryer

There are many people out there who prefer using a blow dryer for drying their hair. When I decided to buy a dryer for my home use, I was determined to go for a blow dryer itself. The reason for buying a blow dryer is that it is easy to use and you can get good results too.

When you decide on buying a blow dryer for your hair, I recommend you to consider some points before selecting the right model. The key for any dryer is the performance. For getting better results, you need to choose blow dryers with good performance.


Wattage or power is one thing you need to give importance to while choosing the right blow dryer. If you decide to go with a less wattage blow dryer, you will end up spending more hours on drying your hair. Do you like that idea? I don’t like spending hours on drying my hair; I need to get quick results. For people like me, the higher the wattage better. If you have thinner hair, you should go for a blow dryer with 1800 watts or higher. I have seen many professionals using models with higher watts, something like 3600 watts.

Technology matters if you wish to have a smooth effect after drying your hair. Ceramic technology and tourmaline technology are the two types generally preferred. Ceramic technology helps to dry your hair by spreading the heat all over and tourmaline helps to give the smooth effect to your hair by retaining the required moisture in the hair. Another thing to look out for is the button. You need to have a convenient button that is easy to operate.


Heat and power controls are essential qualities of a blow dryer. This feature is very important if your hair is damaged. By controlling the heat and power, you can ensure you provide the right amount of heat that is required for drying your hair.

There is no need to go for an expensive model of blow dryer. In fact, after reading numerous reviews I was able to find good blow dryers that meet all my requirements and with a price of under $100.

Blow dryer is essential equipment especially for straightening your hair. Proper use of the blow dryer helps to remove those curls from your hair; therefore you need to invest your money on a good device.

If you wish to style your hair and maintain it well without going to the saloon, then invest your money wisely on a good blow dryer to give that professional and stylish look to your hair.