Finding a GPS units for hiking...

Are you someone who likes to go for hiking trips? When hiking, it is important to know where you are and track routes correctly. There is no doubt that with the advancing technology, you can have a watch that help you to track your location and find your way. But, if you are particular about a device that is made just for the purpose of finding the location, then you need to go for a handheld GPS unit.


I always believe that a handheld GPS unit is a must have device for emergency situations. When going on a hiking trip, you don’t know when an emergency will arise. During your hiking trips, there may be a number of places where your Smartphone will not have signals or have weak signals. Your watch may not work too. That’s where a handheld GPS unit comes into play.


There are many models in the market. It is not easy to pick the right one from among hundreds of GPS units. When finding the right GPS unit, you need to keep a few points in mind. An important feature of a handheld GPS unit is the screen and button. The touch screen should be easy to use and fast. If you are going for a button enabled model, then, the buttons should be big enough for your fingers.


12Weight is a paramount condition. When you are travelling, you always wish to carry less weight; therefore a GPS unit that weighs less is important. If you are going for a touch screen model GPS, the size of the screen comes into play. The bigger the size, the better it is for you. When you are climbing, you will have less time, therefore you need to have a screen that is big enough to display things clearly.


Battery life is one of the essential features you need to have in your GPS when going for hiking trips. You don’t want your GPS to die after 2 or 3 hours. Your GPS unit must have at least 15 hours of backup. You cannot predict the weather when you are going for hiking; therefore, your GPS must work in all the conditions. So, always buy a waterproof, dust proof GPS unit.


Garmin is the leading manufacturer of GPS units for hiking. Garmin offers both touchscreen and button models that do not cost you much. When I decided to buy a GPS unit for hiking, I went with Garmin E-Trex 30. It has long battery life and offers all the essential features you need to have in a GPS unit.

Why you should replace your ma...

We are very particular about interior of our homes. We regularly replace the living room couches, TV sets, carpets, curtains, paintings and other decorative stuff that adds appeal to our drawing rooms. The focus is on keeping it presentable to our guests and visitors. But how much we care for our bedrooms?


You may say that you regularly replace beds and other upholstery of your bed rooms. Have you ever considered replacing your mattress? If your answer is ‘never’ then tell me have you been suffering from backache or sleepless nights? Now if you are affirmative then read along to understand why you should replace your mattress every few years.

  • A mattress is made up of the spring system, coir, foam, fabric and other stuff that provide it shape and structure. You usually buy a mattress on the basis of the softness, spring count, ease of carrying and therapeutic benefits. Its constituents are supposed to wear out after some time. In this situation a mattress loses its original structure as well as the benefit that you have purchased it for.
  • In such condition a mattress will sag and will not provide the needed support to your back and shoulders while you lie down for a good night’s rest. Your sleeping hours will no longer be comfortable. In case the mattress has deteriorated extremely you may end up waking up exhausted and frustrated. It is definitely going to affect your day and work throughout the day. If this is your present state then immediately get a new mattress and start all over again with a relaxed life.
  • Another reason for replacing a mattress after a few years is that a mattress is not given care and maintenance it requires to keep it fit to use. It too requires regular cleaning, vacuuming and some sunlight. A mattress is heavy to move around so it definitely misses the essential steps of its upkeep.  In absence of such attention it becomes a breeding ground for infections and allergens. So, it is utmost important that you throw away the old dust and germ filled mattress and get a new one matching your current physical state.
  • The mattress manufacturing technology also keeps changing with time so does your body. If earlier you were comfortable on a super soft mattress, now a physician may suggest a therapeutic mattress after your backache complaints. It is best to consult your physician and bring home the suggested mattress even If your mattress is only two or three years old.


Things I like about my brand n...

Till recently, the main purpose of having a radar detector installed in your vehicle was to detect lasers and radars. But things have changed now, there are more threats your radar needs to detect in the form of red light cameras, speed cameras and photo radars. Therefore, when you buy a radar detector for your car, you need to make sure it is capable of detecting all these threats.


I was a little bit confused about which model to buy when I went to the market to buy a new radar detector. The two contenders were Escort Passport X70 and Escort Redline XR. Both are excellent performers and have very good features. I decided to go with the Escort Redline XR.

The best thing I liked about the Escort Redline XR radar detector is that it has extended detection range compared to other models in the market. The engineers from the Escort team have put their best effort in making this the most powerful radar detector. The two dual front facing antennas give it high sensitivity that is better than even police brands. These antennas are capable of giving you the earliest warning possible.


LED screen of the Escort Redline XR radar detector is very good thus making it easy to view readings. Another advantage of the Escort Redline XR radar detector is that it has good digital voice alerts. I really like this feature as I always like to hear quality voice alerts especially when I am driving in bustling traffic.

Escort Redline XR radar detector can easily detect and filter out false alerts caused by the interfering sensors making it one of the most popular brands available in the market. The auto mute feature is another excellent feature of the Escort Redline XR radar detector. After the initial alert, the system automatically mutes or reduces the volume to the level you have set. This feature allows you to avoid the annoyance caused by full volume alerts that you hear in other models.

A key to any device is that it needs to be user friendly. Escort Redline XR radar detector can be controlled using your fingertips without any difficulty. The ultra bright display makes it easier to see the readings and track radars. In many devices, it is really difficult to read the incoming messages about the radar. But, in the Escort Redline XR radar detector, I don’t face such issues at all.

All the above given features of the Escort Redline XR radar detector makes it my favorite radar detector and I recommend you to buy it if you wish to go for long drives. In my opinion it’s one of the best radar detectors on the market.

Camcorders vs. DSLRs - which a...

The fight between camcorders and DSLR lovers has been going on for a few years now. Some believe that when it comes to video recording no one can beat camcorders. There are some others who believe DSLR is delivering more quality videos compared to camcorders. What is your take on that?


I am not a professional videographer, but I did have chance to interact with a few professionals on this subject many a times. I am a camcorder fan but I also use the DSLR often mainly because of the reason that it is more convenient to carry and use compared to a camcorder.

Many experts point out choosing the best from the two (camcorder and DSLR) options is more subjective. It depends upon your requirement and how you use the device. The main difference between a camcorder and the DSLR is that, a DSLR has a much higher sensor compared to the camcorder. But, if you want a camcorder with high end sensor, you have to go for expensive, professional models.


When it comes to recording time, DSLR has limitations. You cannot record for hours using a DSLR as they are not basically designed for video recording. But, a camcorder being designed specifically for video recording can be used for hours without any problem.

Autofocus is another feature you need to look at closely.  Even though with the recent developments in technology, DSLR has come a long way with autofocus, they are still struggling a little bit when it comes to focusing on objects that are moving. Serious photographers always pick a follow focus kit, and hence they prefer using high end camcorders.

When it comes to filters, camcorder occupies the top position. Camcorders have “neutral density filter” that are perfectly designed to capture high quality videos. Audio is another factor to consider, and camcorders have a slight advantage over the DSLR if we compare the audio feature. The mic that is inside the camcorder is better than the mic present in a DSLR.


But, if you look at the price factor, DSLR beats camcorders convincingly. You can get a quality DSLR within $100 but if you go for a good camcorder you will have to pay more than $300. So, depending upon your budget and requirement, you need to decide which the best option for you is.

I would suggest a 4k camcorder only if you are a professional or have passion for video recording or movie making. Otherwise it is better to go for DSLR.

Why I prefer point and shoot c...

Smartphones started a kind of revolution all across the globe. People are using this versatile gadget for organizing their contacts and data, entertain themselves, connect with others, let their presence felt in social circles and a lot more. The smartphone is the reason that almost everyone holding it feel like a   photographer may not be a pro but definitely an amateur. I may sound a bit stereotype if I confess that capturing photographs with a smartphone is not my cup of tea. I prefer to use a point and shoot digital camera to preserve my memories.


If you are wondering why I am being so obstinate, I can give you a number of reasons. Beware my views may change your thinking too. Stay with me if you still need to know the reasons

Special Gadget for photography

I deeply agree to the thought that Jack of all trades is master of none. This is completely true about a smartphone, which is basically meant to communicate and organize and may be to play games. It cannot provide all those special settings required to get photographs with a professional touch. You are not able to control the parameters do let your pictures do the talking.

Better Picture quality

I have compared the picture quality offered by many high end Smartphones with some of the very basic point and shoot camera. Every time I concluded that the picture quality given by a camera is far better than that of a smartphone. The reason is the special built-in optics of the camera that makes it a special gadget for photography that lets the photographer deal with interfering external factors while shooting.

Capable of handling variety of factors

To capture awesome images one needs to have complete control over camera’s settings to tackle the restrictions posed by dim light, extreme brightness, shade, distance and movement of objects and subjects. A dedicated point and shoot camera with my choice of lens and aperture gives me all the flexibility I need to create magic in images I shoot. I do not want to be restricted by the features offered by a smartphone. I can experiment only with a camera.

Comes with tripod and timer

A tripod stand I have ordered with my point and Shoot camera gives me ease of shooting. I can take any amount of time to wait for the perfect view before I press button. Its timer gives me the ease of being a part of my favorite shooting spots. If I add that my camera was under $500, I think things are clear.

These are my reasons to stick to my point and Shoot camera for shooting. You can find yours if you are not convinced yet.


How to choose a crib for your ...

To avoid the risks of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), experts recommend that the baby must sleep in the same room as the parents. This brings the picture of baby cribs in our mind. Crib is a special furniture piece in which a newborn spends most of her time. Therefore it is of utmost importance, that the crib you have chosen is not only comfortable but also safe. If you have also been hunting for a perfect crib for your newborn, you are lucky to visit here. This is a quick guide to tell you all those things that you must check for while buying a crib for infants specifically.


Space : Keeping in mind the space of your room, buy a crib that doesn’t block half of your room. The crib must only be large enough to hold the baby comfortably, and not very big, especially if your room is not much spacious.

Stability : Push the crib slightly before purchasing and make sure that it doesn’t tremble or quiver. If it does, just skip it. Look for something sturdy.


Mattress : The mattress must not be thin (thinner than 3-4 inches). You can determine the thickness and density of the mattress by its weight. Heavier the mattress, denser it will be. Also look for a crib that offers adjustable mattress height. This is important because babies grow with passing days, and by the time they start sitting (6-7 month) the lowering of mattress will let you deepen the crib to prevent her from climbing and falling out.

Safety : Do not buy cribs that have drop sides, they can be risky because in case if the drop side detaches accidentally and falls inside (on the baby) she may get injured or suffocate between the mattress and the dropped side.

Do not buy bumpers. Bumpers are the cushioned like padding that are attached to the inside railings of the crib. They may increase the risk of SIDS.

Avoid buying used cribs. If they are old style (manufactured before or around 1974) as they might have not been manufactured according to Federal Crib Safety Standards and are therefore not as safe as modern cribs.


Frame : The side bars of the crib must not be less or more than 23/8 inches apart. This will not allow the baby to stick her head or limbs between bars. Also avoid purchasing cribs with cut outs and other designs to prevent accidental scratches.

These are only some basic tips to keep in focus while you buy a crib, so that the crib you select is not only good looking but also safe and comfortable.

The best baby crib in 2017 should posses all the features mentioned in this article.

Why ceramic flat irons are bet...

Going out to buy a new flat iron today will perplex you. The wide variety of different types of flat irons and the range of features that they offer are numerous enough to confuse a practical buyer. But being a sensible customer of modern century it is obvious that you would like to spend on a flat iron that not only straightens but straightens in the best possible way without damaging your precious tresses. This, however, depends on the types of heating plates that the iron features. There are different types of plates that different brands offer like titanium, glass, ceramic, out which ceramic is considered the safest.a7

Recommending hair straightener or flat irons I have always favored the ceramic units. Every girl wishes for smooth, silky and lustrous hair after straightening, erasing the frizzy, damaged, and rough looking locks. Frequent straightening often damage hair and makes them look dull and frizzy after some time. And if you want to make sure that this doesn’t happen to your hairdo then you definitely need to focus on the ceramic units.

Ceramic plates heat up evenly throughout, unlike glass or metallic plates. This is the reason why they are beneficial for hair texture. Its even heating prevents the risk of getting hair burnt at different sections and also ensures quick and perfect straightening of all your hair.

aaMoreover, ceramic plates are also snug and smooth and glide effortlessly over the hairs. This requires lesser hard work and also prevents tangling up of hairs that may result in snagging and pulling them off during the session with a flat iron. A good flat iron for black hair is the one that smoothly styles hair and prevents falling of the hair after a unsuitable heat application. Glass and metallic plates often cause this. Your flat iron must stay away from all kind of damage to an asset as precious as hair .

In addition to this, the ceramic plates also condition your hair while you use them. They retain moisture and do not leave behind dry and dull hairs. Ceramic irons lock the moisture of the hairs and close the hair cuticle which strengthens your hairs and also makes it look lustrous every time you style them.

Long story cut short, ceramic flat irons offer great styling, even tone heating, and leave your hair healthy that too at an affordable expense. Therefore they are recommended as the best kind of flat irons to opt for.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner...

Cleaning is one of those domestic chores that you cannot overlook even if you want to. You can compromise on your meals, laundry and other routine jobs, but you cannot delay upkeep of your home if you are frequented by guests or have kids at home. There can be countless tools specially meant to do different kind of cleaning jobs. Among them the most helpful and essential is a vacuum cleaner.


If you are not aware of what to look in a convenient vacuum cleaner then you may end up with a tool that is difficult to operate. I won’t wonder that even if after getting a complex vacuum cleaner you still continue to live in a mess. So, it is of utmost importance that you buy an easy to use vacuum cleaner that encourages you to do this thankless chore. Here you go:


  • What is the cleaning space in your home? If you have a spacious home then get a corded and powerful vacuum cleaner to support you in long durations of cleaning. But if you live in a small apartment, with lesser space to clean, get a lightweight and cordless vacuum cleaner. Such a tool can be stored conveniently in a closet.
  • To operate a vacuum cleaner it must be easy to move and carry around in house. Select one that has weight just as heavy as you can carry and maneuver. When you are checking out your options do try to move it around in the showroom. You must be able to do it easily without exerting your back or limbs.
  • A tool that does more work in less time is an easy one. So, get a vacuum cleaner whether corded or cordless that promises excellent suction power. It must also be effective on all kinds of debris like pet hair, deep dust collected in upholstery, in carpets and curtains.
  • Buy a vacuum cleaner that comes with helpful attachments to reach the corners, ceiling, beneath the furniture and window sills without needing you to climb on a stool or a ladder. It must prevent you from bending, kneeling or stretching unnecessarily.
  • Vacuum cleaner is an amazing tool but not magical. I mean the sucked dirt gets collected in a bag or cup that must be cleaned frequently. Just understand whether it is easy to replace the filled dirt bag (in bag vacuum cleaner) or clean a debris collecting cup (in a bag-less vacuum cleaner)

This is my advice to get an easy to operate vacuum cleaner. I hope it gave you some direction. 


P.S. – Professional vacuum cleaner reviews can also prove to be a great source of information about all kinds of models.


My advice for installing conve...


Convertible car seats are the ones that can be used for infants as well as toddlers. They can be installed rear-facing as well as front-facing for a long term use. They are long lasting and hence are getting more and more popular among new parents these days. In general, convertible car seats are of three types out of which the five-harness models are considered the safest.

Installing car seats is easy if you have read and understood the manual properly. That is the first and major step. But if you are still facing tiny problems regarding the installation of convertible seats, you will appreciate the facts in this article. Here are some tips regarding installation of convertible car seats. These are nothing but only some useful and easy techniques that we often miss and may lead to complications during installation process.

This is a list of some small yet important pointers that will help you install a convertible car seat easily and smoothly. Take a look –

  • Read the manufacturer’s manual thoroughly. This is one major step and is often skipped by most people. But it is important to read and understand about the seat and its installation by the manufacturer, because different seats have different design.
  • Ensure that the car seat is correctly matched with your child’s weight and height. Check the manufacturer’s label of weight and height.
  • Place the car seat at the back row. If your vehicle has three rows like an SUV or van, then place the car seat in the middle row.
  • Try to place the car seat at the center if possible. If you are not able to fix it tightly at the center then place it at the left or right near the window.
  • Do not mix different methods altogether. If you opt for method one, then follow only that thoroughly and don’t include steps of method two or three in between.
  • Make sure that the car seat doesn’t move more than one inch from side to side or front to back while you tighten it. If required call for another person’s help to push the seat down firmly.
  • As you buckle the baby on the seat, make sure that the straps of the harness are flat at the shoulders.

So, these are some additional tricks to follow in addition to the installation instructions of the manual. I would always recommend following the installation manual and using these tips in case you face some issues.


My advice on choosing your nex...

There are many people out there who prefer using a blow dryer for drying their hair. When I decided to buy a dryer for my home use, I was determined to go for a blow dryer itself. The reason for buying a blow dryer is that it is easy to use and you can get good results too.

When you decide on buying a blow dryer for your hair, I recommend you to consider some points before selecting the right model. The key for any dryer is the performance. For getting better results, you need to choose blow dryers with good performance.


Wattage or power is one thing you need to give importance to while choosing the right blow dryer. If you decide to go with a less wattage blow dryer, you will end up spending more hours on drying your hair. Do you like that idea? I don’t like spending hours on drying my hair; I need to get quick results. For people like me, the higher the wattage better. If you have thinner hair, you should go for a blow dryer with 1800 watts or higher. I have seen many professionals using models with higher watts, something like 3600 watts.

Technology matters if you wish to have a smooth effect after drying your hair. Ceramic technology and tourmaline technology are the two types generally preferred. Ceramic technology helps to dry your hair by spreading the heat all over and tourmaline helps to give the smooth effect to your hair by retaining the required moisture in the hair. Another thing to look out for is the button. You need to have a convenient button that is easy to operate.


Heat and power controls are essential qualities of a blow dryer. This feature is very important if your hair is damaged. By controlling the heat and power, you can ensure you provide the right amount of heat that is required for drying your hair.

There is no need to go for an expensive model of blow dryer. In fact, after reading numerous reviews I was able to find good blow dryers that meet all my requirements and with a price of under $100.

Blow dryer is essential equipment especially for straightening your hair. Proper use of the blow dryer helps to remove those curls from your hair; therefore you need to invest your money on a good device.

If you wish to style your hair and maintain it well without going to the saloon, then invest your money wisely on a good blow dryer to give that professional and stylish look to your hair.